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5 Units In Venice


IMAGE: Maxx Feldman & Elijah Korobkin

DATE: 07/20/2021

ADDRESS: 634 Flower Ave.

MARKET: Venice

ASSET TYPE: Multifamily ~ LOT SIZE: 5,793 SF

BUYER: The Goldfinger Group (@TheGoldfingerGroup) - Elijah Korobkin (@ElijahKorobkin) & Maxx Feldman

SELLER: Mary L. McLemore

SALE PRICE: $2,200,000

UNITS: 5 ~ PPU: $440,000

SF: 4,918 ~ PPSF: $447

NOTE FROM BUYER: Value add deal. TGG currently has another $3mm in exchange funds and is looking to secure an upleg. Please submit all deals to Elijah (@ElijahKorobkin) or Maxx (


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