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The TGG Way

The Goldfinger Group specializes in analyzing assets to determine capital allocation toward investments that protect its investors while providing favorable returns.


TGG's investments are made in established or emerging markets throughout Southern California that are proven with high rental demand. The location of the property is of utmost importance to the security and potential of the investment, ensuring appreciation over time and cash flow in a down market.


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Every property acts as its own business, where the in-place income must offset any and all expenses and debt service. This assures that the quantified risk for the investment is a breakeven for TGG's partners.

Downside Protection

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TGG acts in the best interest of its partners by deciding which strategy will return equity promptly with the highest profit return. Deal structure and analysis provide insight into the promise of each asset that TGG procures. 

Upside Potential

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Apartment Building


Real Estate is less volatile due to its constant high demand. It has routinely outperformed other investment strategies.

Income produced covers the building's overhead and debt, where the remainder serves as investor cash flow.

You can acquire larger deals, where debt bridges the gap between your equity and purchase price.

$3mm purchase may require only $1mm of cash.

Cash Flow


Apartment Building


The loan payment is paid from the income produced by the property, increasing your equity position and ownership stake without additional capital.

Tax Benefits 

Tax incentives and write-offs offset the income, lowering your tax basis and keeping more money in your pocket.


Real estate is an asset class that has historically appreciated in value over time while providing steady streams of income.

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